Improved Acceleration – Increased Top End Speed – Lower Fuel Consumption

Lower Emissions – Enhanced Engine Life – More Stable Power Under Load

Drop in Replacement on Honda and Clones

Suitable for 160-225 cc (TF) and 225-440cc (TG available Spring 2017)

Independently Adjustable idle and AFR screws.

Replaceable jets

Our all-new TillotsonTCT TF-2A-6U can be used in open Honda GX160-200 and “clone” class racing, where the rules permit use of any carburetor (for classes that require standard carburetors, use our PK-1A).  The TF-2A-6U fits directly onto Honda GX160-200cc and most clone engines without needing an adapter.  This model is calibrated to the stock engine, but can be adjusted for tuned engines through its idle circuit and its AFR (Air-Fuel Ratio) screw or by a simple jet change. The TillotsonTCT offers substantial benefits over conventional carburetors, including optimized air-fuel ratio and better fuel atomization, which result in improved acceleration, faster lap times,  and lower fuel consumption and emissions.

The TillotsonTCT is also an ideal upgrade for both indoor and outdoor commercial tracks.   The reduced fuel consumption helps reduce operating costs, and we can calibrate the TillotsonTCT to reduce CO emissions by more than 40% without losing performance, for safer indoor operation.



Here’s what some of our customers are saying:

South Africa, June 2016: 

“Our tame go kart Guy won every heat and the final in Capetown on  Saturday, very much influenced by the performance of the carb, to the extent that his competitors were all complaining”.

Brazil, December 2016:

“Note that there was an improvement in time with the new carburetor.”

“I think that engine responses improved and this is very important in the race result.”

“I am very pleased with the result of the new carburetor, some friends have been interested in this carburetor TCT.”