T225 Florida Cup

Join us December 5 at Andersen Racepark for the 2020 T225 Florida Cup. Bring your own TPP-225RS engine or rent one at the special price of $100.  Advance regstration required. Contact sales@tillotson.ie for more information.

Tillotson T225RS Class Launches in USA

The new Tillotson T225RS class of racing featuring the Tillotson TPP-225RS engine launches in the US in emphatic fashion  with races at the following venues the weekend of from June 19-21: Maxxis 4 Cycle Sprint Series, Kershaw, South Carolina Atlanta Motorsports Part, Atlanta, Georgia Andersen Racepark, Palmetto, Florida The category features Tillotson TPP-225RS engine platform… Read more about Tillotson T225RS Class Launches in USA

Tillotson T4 Karts In the US

Here’s a good-looking batch of Tillotson T4 karts special ordered for the US!  These karts are perfect for four stroke sprint racing for clubs, federations and arrive and drive events.  You can combine them with our 196R, 212E or EE or 225RS engines.  Contact us at sales@tillotson.ie for more details.

Another WSK Double Win for Tillotson Drivers

Tillotson drivers posted another double victory at the third round of the WSK Super Masters race in La Conca.  Tillotson drivers swept the podium in the OK Senior category, with  Gabrielle Mini (Parolin / TM / Tillotson HC-112) taking the first place spot, Dexter Patterson (Kart Republic / Iame / Tillotson HC-112) in second and… Read more about Another WSK Double Win for Tillotson Drivers