T4 World Cup 2021 Supplementary Regulations

Technical Rules & Fiches

  • T4 Mini Global Rules 2021
  • T4 Junior Global Rules 2021
  • T4 Senior Global Rules 2021

License Requirement

This event, while running under a national permit, allows for international participation under Art 2.3.8c of the FIA International Sporting Code. All entrants must hold one of the following:

  1. Kart race license from MI or MSUK.
  2. International kart race license from an FIA ASN with an endorsement thereon granting the license holder permission to enter foreign events. If no endorsement is on the license, a letter from your ASN is required.
  3. Kart race National B or National A license from your FIA ASN together with a letter from your ASN granting you permission to start at this event.
Please note that these are the only 3 available methods to enter the event. It is your responsibility to obtain the necessary paperwork from your ASN. No exceptions can be made as these are rules laid down by the FIA.

T4 World Cup Race Format

T4 World Cup Points Scoring


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