T4 Esports Series

Tillotson is delighted to launch T4 Esports Series Calendar for 2022. The 6 Round Series will start in March with monthly events running until August. Tillotson is offering sim racers the opportunity to battle it out for €5,000 Euro worth of real-world T4 kart racing prizes. Entry is FREE for all Tillotson T4 Esports races, however you must register to enter!

How to Enter

Entry is simple and open to anyone with an active copy of rFactor2, and the KartSim Esports pack. Run exclusively in rFactor2 , all players have to do is simply sign up for the series, then set your Hot Lap in any of the qualification sessions held prior to the live race.

Visit the  Requirements and FAQs to learn more about essential hardware and software.

For full race regulations and prizes check out our T4 Esports Sporting Regulations



T4 Esports Press Releases

“Tillotson T4 series has brought kart racing to a much wider audiences, and now T4 Esports is going to bridge the gap between virtual and real-world racing,” said Tillotson’s Product Engineer Mark Ffrench. “Sim racing has grown in popularity over the past number of years and it felt like a natural progression for Tillotson take advantage of the Esports market to expand that reach and provide a unique experience to the drivers. We believe the T4 Esports Series will be one of the few if not only forms of Esports where a participant can engage in the highest level of competition and then take that experience and prove their skill in a real world setting.”
“Our goal in the T4 Esports Series is three fold,” added Tillotson’s President, Charles A. Demirjian. “First, we wanted to provide a platform for T4 participants to accurately practice their skills off the track. Second, we wanted to bring T4 racing to those who might not be able to race in live events, whether it’s due to location, cost or other factors. And third, we wanted to create a path for those who engage in Esports to be able to test their skills in the real world.

T4 Esports Calendar 2022




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