How do I find my Steam ID?

Please follow this link for full instructions on locating your steam ID

Can I watch the Races?

Yes! Tillotson have teamed up with Alpha Live Productions, who will be looking after the live stream of the event.

Do I have to enter all the races?

No, however as this is a championship you will need to race in at least 4 out of 6 to  be in with a chance of winning our top prizes.

Can I play using my Playstation or Xbox?

Unfortunately T4 Esports is only available on PC for now. Cross console gaming is not available for this game yet, but we are hopeful for new developments in this area.

I have a gaming pc, what else do I need?

That depends on your budget, follow this link to see minimum requirements for hardware and the necessary software to compete in T4 Esports

Is there an age limit?

Yes, due to the nature of online live streamed games we require all competitors to be 15yrs plus.

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