Q. Do I need to own a T4 Kart to enter the event?
A. No you can rent a T4 Kart Package and all related equipment for the event by purchasing Ticket Option 1.

Q. I own a T4 Kart can I use it at the event?
A. Yes you can use your own T4 Kart and equipment by purchasing Ticket Option 2 or 3. You must ensure your equipment is presented as per our T4 event regulations.

Q. What day should we arrive to the track?
A. The paddock will be open on Thursday Sep 21st from 09:00AM. It is not necessary to arrive before this time. The full Event Schedule will be posted in August.

Q. Where should we consider to stay?
A. Valencia is 30 minutes from the circuit. There is a large selection of accommodation options. We have compiled a suitable list in our Hotels section.

Q. Where and when do we sign on for the race?
A. Sign On for Friday Testing will be taking place from Thursday 14:00PM. Sign On for the race will take place from Friday 14:00PM.

Q. What license is required for this event?
A. Drivers will need a National Karting licence, issued by FIA approved ASN, for defined age category of the category they want to enter. Please check our Event Regulations for full details regarding licenses.

Q. Is there specific location for each competitor to set up?
A. Yes, each competitor will have a designated place in the event tents. Driver cards will be located in the tent. Drivers will be grouped together with other regional drivers from their T4 Series.

Q. What condition will we receive the kart?
A. The kart will be fully assembled including seat mounted for each individual driver but tyres will not be mounted. Tyres should be mounted by the competitor only.

Q. Is there tools for tyre fitting?
A. Yes, Tillotson will provide Tyre Mounting Tools and Compressed Air.

Q. Where do we get lead to mount on seats?
A. Competitors can hire Lead from the Tillotson Parts and Service Centre. They must bring their ID Card confirming the driver number.

Q. Do Tillotson offer mechanics for the event?
A. No. Each competitor is required to have their own helper / mechanic for the event.

Q. Is it possibly to arrange local mechanics or help?
A. Yes it is possible and but availability is be limited. Please email event organiser mark.ffrench@tillotson.ie

Q. What is available in the service areas?
A. Race tyre distribution, Fuel distribution, Compressed Air, Tyre mounting tools. Please see our equipment section.

Q. Will Tillotson provide Technical Support?
A: Yes we will have a support area with a team of Tillotson staff available.

Q. Do I have to pay for  Fuel?
A. Fuel is included in the entry cost for all drivers. See equipment section

Q. Do we need to bring our own transponders?
A. Transponders can be rented for a fee of €50 from RGMMC or competitors can bring their own. Transponder numbers must be entered on registration form.

Q. If we have a crash and need spare parts what do we do?
A. Spare parts will be available to purchase from Tillotson Support Area. Parts must be paid for at the time by cash/card. There will be no credit options. All prices are retail + taxes.

Q. What condition should I return the kart in?
A. Every competitor must return the kart in the same condition they received it in or they will have to pay a fee. The kart should return cleaned, with fuel drained and without damage. Any damage will be charged to the competitor. Please see equipment return for further information

Q. Is the event live streamed:
A. Yes the T4 Nations Cup race will be streamed from Saturday all through to the Finals on Sunday via Tillotson website, social channels, YouTube, along with the RGMMC feeds.

Q. Is there any entertainment planned?
A. Yes, there will be entertainment at the track on Saturday evening. Full details to be announced.

Q. Is there a restaurant or food stalls available on site?
A. Yes there is a track restaurant which will be open everyday. They will offer a lunch as well as there normal menu.

Q. Will there be a shop to purchase merchandise?
A: There will be a Tillotson shop on site to purchase Tillotson Merchandise.

Q. Will there be a shop to purchase racewear?
A. Yes, there will be a karting shop on site. They have full selection of helmets, boots, suits, gloves, and other karting related clothing.

If you have further event related questions or special requirements please contact:

Event Secretary: liza.giani@tillotson.ie
Event Organiser: mark.ffrench@tillotson.ie

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