Ticket Options & Related Equipment

There are 3 different Ticket entry options available to drivers for T4 Nations Cup 2023.

  • Ticket Option 1 is for drivers who will rent T4 Kart packages and all related equipment, see below.
  • Ticket Options 2 & 3 are for drivers who will bring their own T4 Karts & related equipment to the event, see below.


Each driver is required to pay a deposit of €200 at the time of registration to cover damages that may occur. This is refundable upon return & inspection of equipment.

Drivers who enter by means of Ticket options 2 & 3 and bring their own T4 Kart packages to the event are responsible to ensure their T4 material is in accordance with the Event Regulations. 

Ticket Option 1 – €1795

Drivers who enter the event with Ticket Option 1 will receive event entry plus the following equipment & services:

  • Tillotson T4 Kart Package (Chassis/Engine/Rims)
  • 2 x Sets of Maxxis T4 Slick tyres (1 x Practice/1 x Race Tyre)
  • Tillotson Kart Trolley, Wet Rims (if required)
  • Awning Space, Fuel, Consumables

Ticket Option 2 – €995

Drivers who enter the event with Ticket Option 2 will receive event entry plus the following equipment and services:

  • 2 x Sets of Maxxis T4 Slick tyres (1 x Practice/1 x Race Tyre)
  • Awning Space, Fuel, Consumables
  • T4 Nations Cup official sticker kit

Ticket Option 3 – €850

Drivers who enter the event with Ticket Option 3 will receive event entry plus the following equipment and services:

  • 1 x Sets of Maxxis T4 Slick tyres (Race Tyre)
  • Awning Space, Fuel, Consumables
  • T4 Nations Cup official sticker kit

Equipment Collection (subject to change)

T4 Kart packages & equipment included in Ticket Option 1 will be available to drivers from 11:00AM on Thursday 21st September.

  • Each T4 Kart package will be randomly allocated and fully assembled.
  • Drivers seat mounted as per size and dimensions submitted on their entry form.
  • Drivers race number and name stickers will be provided to mount onto T4 kart and trolley, spelling as per entry form submitted.
  • T4 kart will be fitted with Tillotson recommended sprocket for the respected T4 category.
  • T4 kart will be set up as standard with Slick Rims mounted without the tyre fitted.

This year it is mandatory that prior to equipment collection on Thursday every driver will:

  1. Sign for their T4 Kart package (Parent/Guardian must sign if driver is under 18)

Equipment Return (subject to change)

Tillotson will provide strict guidelines on equipment return process within the driver information pack.

  • It is the drivers responsibility to return T4 Kart package and related equipment as received.
  • The driver is responsible for the care and maintenance of all T4 equipment while in their possession.

Tillotson will damage check and assess all T4 Kart Package and equipment on return.

  • Any damage outside of our equipment return guidelines must be paid for by the driver or parent/guardian.
  • Tillotson will enforce a €100 cleaning fee on any T4 Kart packages or equipment that are returned in a condition which doesn’t meet standards set out in our return process.
  • The € 200 deposit will be returned once everything meets our guidelines.


  • Drivers can use their own transponders if they are compatible with My Laps timing system.
  • It is every competitors responsibility to ensure their transponders are charged and functional during the event.
  • Transponders will be available to rent at the event for a fee of €55. These will need to be prebooked and selected on your entry form.
  • Transponder must be fixed on the lower part of the back of the kart seat, and must be mounted in its original holder and maybe additionally secured by tie wraps.

Event Service Area

  • Fuel distribution
  • Tyre distribution
  • Compressed Air
  • Tyre changing area with required tools
  • Tyre changing service provided at additional cost (€25 demount & mount / €15 mount only)

Tillotson Service Area

  • T4 Chassis technical support
  • T4 Engine technical support
  • Tillotson parts & service, sales & support
  • Tillotson Merchandise shop

Items Available to Rent from Tillotson

  • Lead Weights: €3 Euro per KG (supplied with all required bolts and washers)
  • Lead is available in the following sizes: 1kg/1.5kg/2kg/4kg
  • Heel Stop: €15
  • Pedal Adapters: €20
  • Pedal Extension System: €50

It is the responsibility of the driver/entrant to mount and de mount any items which they have rented for the event. All the above rental items must be removed from the kart prior to material return. If a driver does not remove the items then the rental fee is doubled and this amount will be deducted from the driver/entrants deposit. All rented items must be returned to Tillotson Parts and service in their completed state as originally received. Missing items will be charged for all retail pricing + VAT and deducted from your deposit.

Mechanical Tools

Drivers are responsiby to ensure they have the required tools for the event. Tillotson will have Tool kits available for hire at the event. This T4 Kart specific tool kit will include a 93 piece tool set supplied in Tillotson case. The cost to rent for 4 days is €100. If drivers wish to purchase the T4 tool kit they are available for €300 +VAT.

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