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Tillotson works closely with Motorsport Ireland to promote karting in Ireland.  We are the authorized distributor for Iame and Parilla engines, Komet Tyres and, of course, Tillotson carburettors for all X30 and Gazelle classes.  Click on the boxes below to learn more about each class or product and to download complete order forms.   You can also go to the Shop and enter “X30” or “Gazelle” in the search box to order the engines or the most common spare parts, including the approved tyres for each class.

IAME/Parilla and Komet Products Distributed by Tillotson in Ireland


The IAME X30 125cc engine is designed to give karting drivers high performance and modern technology in a reliable and easy-to-maintain package.  The result is an engine that offers a pure karting driving experience, combined with ease of use and low maintenance.  Key features include:

  • Aluminum alloy cranckcase and cylinder with a cast iron liner for enhanced reliability and stability.
  • Tempered steel crankshaft supported by oversized roller bearings and balanced countershaft
  • Digital ignition
  • Advanced timing
  • Centrifugal dry clutch with detachable sprocket for minimal service
  • Tillotson HW-27A diaphragm carburetor for the UK, Ireland and US markets.

The engine is provided complete with exhaust system, radiator, water pump, supports, clamps and hoses, thermostat, wires and keys block.  It’s available in standard configuration and a Junior version with a 29mm restricted exhaust header, intended for younger drivers.

Order parts in Ireland

Tillotson distributes X30 in Ireland.  To order a complete engine or spare parts email us at  Feel free to contact us at that email for more information.

Order parts in the UK and USA

Email for details.


The Gazelle is Parilla’s latest 60cc cadet karting engine adopted in the UK and Ireland.  The Gazelle is an easy-to-maintain engine designed to make entry level competition as fun and exciting as possible.   Fueled by our Tillotson HL-394A carburetor, it’s an affordable, user-friendly way to start competitive racing.

Tillotson is the exclusive distributor for Gazelle engines in Ireland.  You can contact us at to place an order, or search “Gazelle” in the shop for some of the more common parts available online.


Komet Racing Tyres manufactures the perfect Karting Tyres and provides a full range to cover any Karting class. The production avails of the latest engineering technology and employs materials of the highest quality to guarantee equal performances and complete customer satisfaction. KOMET Racing Tyres are adopted worldwide in national and international stock class championships as well as diffused in the demanding hobby drivers market.