Daytona Motorsport Success with Tillotson Rotax Carburetor

by Charles Demirjian

Daytona Motorsport are the largest arrive and drive karting establishment in the UK thanks to the success of the TW Steel DMAX Championships. This year Tillotson introduced to the Rotax market an alternative carburetor option which Daytona Technical Director Richard Brunning was very interested in from the start. After some testing and shakedown runs Daytona realised the advantages of running the Tillotson HX-10A over the existing Rotax carburetor and they introduced it to the TW Steel DMAX Championship this June. With entries of up to 150 drivers, the championship is a massive success but Daytona recognise the need to move forward and develop their product for their series.

Brunning added “initially there was a reluctance to change but having tested the Tillotson we realised there were numerous advantages for us – the consistency between carbs is a major factor as our aim is to keep the performance level of each kart the same to ensure close racing. Also, the performance is enhanced and we find it allows the kart to be more driveable around our Milton Keynes venue in particular. Since introducing the Tillotson the racing has been fantastic and the recent event held at Whilton Mill was some of the closest and best racing that the DMAX Championship has provided and this is helped by the consistency and performance of the carburetor.”

Tillotson are proud of the association with the UK’s largest arrive and drive series and it is a significant endorsement for the HX-10A carburetor. The carburetor is proving very popular in the Rotax Hobby market and it is available to purchase online at or enquiries can be sent to or

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