New Product 2016: Leak Tester Tool 243-506P

by john mason

The Leak Tester Connector will allow you to leak test your carburettor for pop-off and resealing pressure with the covers removed. 243-506P

Avoid disassemble of covers, gaskets and diaphragms due to leaks or incorrect pop-off and resealing pressures. After installing a new needle and seat or cleaning the carburettor use the Leak Tester Connector in combination with the Leak Detector 243-504 for testing the pressure. Once the pressure is correct you can reinstall the covers, diaphragms and gasket known there is no pressure issues and saving time due to no disassembling of parts.

Useable for all HL, HW, HR, HB, HC, HM and HX carburettors.

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