Push the Button!

by Charles Demirjian

Push The Button!!

Our latest carburetor design is making headwaves across Europe in the KF categories and the performance of the latest line of Tillotson carburetors is becoming more clear at each event! In KFJ Parker Thompson (Energy/TM) and Martijn Van Leeuwen (Zanardi/Iame) have raced the Tillotson HW23A with very impressive results and both were unlucky not to take victory in the recent WSK event held in Sarno both having showed brilliant speed over the weekend. Both have made use of the unique ‘Enrichment Circuit’ button for the opening formation lap allowing the driver to lean off the setting to optimise their starts and gaining an advantage on the opening laps.

In the KF category both the HC-102A and HW-22A have also gained excellent results this season namely in the hands of Kevin Lavelli (Topkart/TM), Alessio Guazarroni (Topkart/TM), George Russell (Birel/TM) amongst others. The performance of the product is undeniable and as the season progresses we expect to achieve some big results…

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