Tillotson announces new carburetor for Rotax

by Charles Demirjian

Tillotson Racing announces two new carburetors designed to enhance the performance of all Rotax racing engines, including Rotax Max, Rotax Jr. Max, Rotax Mini Max and Rotax Max DDR2. The HM-2A, available immediately, offers a CNC billet body which can be custom-anodized in a variety of colours, while the HX-10A, due out in Spring 2014, offers an economical die-cast body. The new carburetors are the product of over three years of engineering development and track testing across Europe. Our fast start choke system allows Rotax engines to start, idle, accelerate and reach speeds as much as 3/10ths of a second faster per lap than the stock carburretor. Vroom magazine hails the HM-2A as a “proper racing carburetor” that allows you to “feel the improvement in acceleration and performance.” (Vroom, Nov 2013).

The HM-2A and HX-10A offer many advantages for Rotax users, including:

  • User-friendly set-up and adjustment, with simple high and low speed adjustment needles that can be adjusted both on and off the track
  • Improved power and acceleration
  • Easy choke system with automatic shut-off, with true start-and-go ease of use
  • Elimination of the Mikuni pulse pump due to carburetor pulse connection
  • Tailored anodising of the HM-2A to a variety of colour options
  • Elimination of scrutineering discrepancies associated with float carburetor

“When we set out to develop the HM-2A and HX-10A, we wanted to offer the Rotax world a carburetor that not only improved performance but that is also far easier to set up and adjust compared to the existing carburetor,” noted Andrew Fallon, Tillotson’s Product Engineer and the former Irish KF and Rotax champion who personally oversaw the track testing and development. “We accomplished that with a fully adjustable carburetor that offers more ease of use and improved acceleration increasing the fun factor with the Rotax engine.”

Charles Demirjian, Tillotson’s President, noted “There has been huge interest from Rotax importers, drivers and the national federations for this product which will add another dimension to the Rotax engine. It is the perfect carburetor for clubs and national series looking for a faster racing carburetor with more ease of use.” For more information, visit tillotson-racing.com or contact Andrew Fallon in Europe (at andrew.fallon@tillotson.ie) or Tillotson at sales@tillotson.ie. In the US, contact Charles Demirjian at cdemirjian@tccimfg.com.

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