Tillotson to the Fore

by Charles Demirjian

The 2012 racing season is now well underway and for Tillotson Racing it has been a successful start to the campaign in both KF3 and KF2 categories. Competitors in the KF3 CIK Championship events must use the Tillotson HW10A carburetor as per the series regulations but Tillotson have continued development to produce the HW10B which is allowed for use in the WSK Series events and also all National Championships.

The adjustment needles in the HW10B carburetor have been made easier to adjust, making it easier for the driver to find and maintain the optimum setting throughout a race weekend. The carburetor will also come assembled with the homologated racing shutter which uses a half shaft and is thinner in design compared to the standard shutter, leading to increased air flow and optimizing carburetor performance.

Similar changes have been made to the KF2 model, the HW11B which has found recent success across Europe and recently with Ben Barnicoat (ART/TM) winning both Super One KF2 Finals at Whilton Mill. It has the become the carburetor of choice for many including multiple British Champion Mark Litchfield who won a heat in the previous WSK Euro Series eventin Val d’Argenton running the latest from Tillotson Racing.

Tillotson is excited for the coming international events and are looking to top the 2010 and 2011 KF2 European Championship victories by adding a World Title this season…

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