Our TPP-212E  and the electric start -212EE version are high performance, EPA certified general purpose engine ideal as a replacement engine for outdoor power equipment such as tillers, cultivators, log splitters and the like. Where local laws and regulations allow, they can also be used on karting and other racing applications.  The engines offer power and performance at an affordable price.  Here’s a real world comparison of our 212E compared to a predator (spoiler alert:  ours gives better torque and more than 20% more top speed):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KZmC3iEQVk.  For racing and high performance applications, add in our a TF-8A or TFB-1A carburetor with our TCT mechnaical fuel injection technology and you’ll find not only max torque at a specified RPM but also a more constant torque curve and unparalleled acceleration.

Here’s the drop curve of the TPP-212E with a TF-8A:

Our TPP-196R and seales TPP-196RS is a 196cc competition racing engine designed to meet AKRA, WKA and NKA clone competition standards and, unlike other clone engines, it comes complete with the components you need for fast, reliable performance right out of the box, including a Tillotson Racing® camshaft and cylinder head for maximum lift, PK-1 carburetor for optimum fuel delivery and enhanced racing valve springs to help avoid valve float.  Just add your choice of flywheel and exhaust system, bolt it on your kart and you’re ready to race at the most competitive level.


Our TPP-225RS is the ultimate in four stroke power under 250cc.  The TPP-225RS gives you more than 15 horsepower, making it the best engine for dirt racing.  The TPP-225RS  features a PVL digital ignition coil limited to 6,500 rpm, and FM series racing carburetor specifically calibrated to the 225RS, a billet connecting rod and flywheel for improved strength and reliability and our enhanced Tillotson® block with extra support for higher power output.  The TPP-225RS also featured in our new T4 Series monobrand class.  Our TPP-225RS-SB1 is the short block version of our 225cc engine.

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