Go Fast.  For over 50 years, our Tillotson Racing division has been helping karters win National and World Championships, and now we’re bringing that drive to our new line of karting and powersport engines.

Our TPP-196R is a 196cc competition racing engine designed to meet AKRA, WKA and NKA clone competition standards and, unlike other clone engines, it comes complete with the components you need for fast, reliable performance right out of the box, including a Tillotson Racing® camshaft and cylinder head for maximum lift, PK-1 carburetor for optimum fuel delivery and enhanced racing valve springs to help avoid valve float.  Just add your choice of flywheel and exhaust system, bolt it on your kart and you’re ready to race at the most competitive level.

If you like the Predator, you’ll love our TPP-212H, a high performance, EPA certified engine that offers more torque, acceleration and horsepower Honda GX-200 or Predator 212 engine.  And we’re not just talking about max torque at a specified RPM – with its hemi head and

TillotsonTCT mechanical fuel injector, the TPP-212H has a more constant torque curve and unparalleled acceleration.

Here’s the drop curve of the TPP-212H:

Still not sure?  Check with our friends at GoPowerSports.Com for their real-life experiences, or view how the our TillotsonTCT technology helps our lawnmower engines plow through the tallest grass:

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