Diaphragm: Diaphragm carburetors are used in chainsaws, trimmers, concrete saws, tillers, leaf blowers, sprayers, racing, UAVs and other applications.  We produce a full range diaphragm carburetors for engine applications ranging from 15 to 600 c.c.  For older models, visit our Vintage page for availability and refurbishment options.

Float: Most of our float carburetors are for vintage applications, but we do offer current production models for generators, lawn mowers and other four stroke applications with engine sizes between 150 and 440 cc.  For enhanced performance on those engines, we also offer our TillotsonTCT total combustion technology.  For vintage float carburetors, check availability and refurbishment options on our Vintage page.

TCT:   TillotsonTCT is our newest patented fuel system technology for small off road engines (SORE). This new technology allows most Phase 2 SORE engines to meet EPA Phase 3 legislation and most Phase 3 engines to further improve their emissions while at the same time improving torque, startability and acceleration.  The TF model is for 140-225 cc engines and the TG model is for 225-500cc engines.   The TF model is an ideal replacement carburetor for GX160 – GX200 engines and can help improve overall engine performance.  We are in the process of developing 2-stroke and smaller 4 stroke applications, so contact us for more information or check back for updates as they become available.