TF-1A6H PS03 v2Tillotson-TCT-JV2 Our new TillotsonTCT fuel system is more than just a carburetor; it’s mechanical fuel injection that combines enhanced atomization and accelerated fuel flow to provide .more complete combustion.  Like other fuel injection, the TillotsonTCT pushes the fuel into the engine rather than pulls it like a standard carburetor, and can add or subtract the fuel supply wherever and whenever desired in the acceleration curve through its integrated cam.  As a result,  we are able to map the carburetor performance to the engine, increasing and decreasing the fuel/air mixture at any point in the acceleration curve to provide the engine with optimum performance and the lowest possible emissions.

TillotsonTCT technology is available on our new line of Tillotson Power Products generators and comes standard on our line of Tillotson Power Products vertical engines.  If you already own a generator or engine, you can upgrade your carburetor with our universal calibration TillotsonTCT.  The TF-2A-6U comes with a standard calibration and a variety of choke and throttle levers to fit most horizontal and vertical engines for generators, lawnmowers and other applications in the 140-225cc range with an offset mounting bolt pattern.  It is also set up for use on dual fuel (gasoline and propane) generators.

The TF-2A-6U can also be used on open class clone racing engines, subject to local rules permitting the use of any carburetor (for standard clone racing with stock carburetors, use our PK-1A).  Visit the TCT racing page here.