Welcome to the world of Tillotson Racing!  Our carburetors have been fueling karting for over 70 years–from the first go-karts introduced in the 1950’s to the latest and greatest homologations for international CIK racing.  And now we are not just carburetors–in 2019 we launched our T4 Series, a mono-brand spec racing class complete with engine, chassis and tires that make racing fun and affordable for all ages.   National races are held in over 25 countries around the world, culminating in T4 Nations Cup where the best drivers compete to claim the international title.   We also have a full line of racing and recreational 4 stroke engines to give you maximum power, whether you’re pursuing organized racing or just having some fun on your own.  To compliment T4 Series Tillotson launched T4 Esports Series, a sophisticated virtual racing program on the KartSim/RFactor 2 platform that features live streaming and a chance to win a golden ticket for a real-life drive at our T4 Nations Cup.  Check out the links below for more information.

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