Our Tillotson T4 Series, which debuted in the 2019 Motorsport Ireland Championship, is designed to introduce new drivers to the higher levels of karting in a cost-effective, easy-to-use manner. It is the ideal setup for clubs and local federations who want to expand the appeal of professional-level karting to the weekend racer or motorsport enthusiast. It features a European style racing chassis, our high-power, low-maintenance 225cc racing engine, and an easy to adjust HW carburetor to make racing fast, easy and competitive.

The chassis is designed and built in Europe and features many of the same components as the highest level CIK karts, but modified for novice and intermediate drivers. Our Tillotson 225RS four-stroke engine provides over 12.5 horsepower and is equipped with a precisely calibrated Tillotson Racing HW diaphragm carburetor for maximum performance in an easy-to-tune package. The engine is equipped with a PVL digital rpm limiter to 6,500 rpm to maintain long engine life and provide a wide rpm band for true racing power. Our specially designed crankcase offers a stronger structure and helps ensure consistent production quality and our single-mold cylinder head provides enhanced airflow and uncompromising consistency.

The entire package costs less than $4,000 excluding taxes, making it an ideal choice for individual racers, clubs, and federations who want an affordable, competitive, and fair weekend of racing.




    Our T4 Series products are available in Ireland and by special order to the other parts of the world. Contact us at sales@tillotson.ie or your local distributor for more information.

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