Our Tillotson T4 Series, which debuted in the 2019 Motorsport Ireland Championship, is designed to introduce new drivers to the higher levels of karting in a cost-effective, easy-to-use manner. It is the ideal setup for clubs and local federations who want to expand the appeal of professional-level karting to the weekend racer or motorsport enthusiast. It features a European style racing chassis and our high-power, low-maintenance 225cc racing engine,to make racing fast, easy and competitive.

The chassis is designed and built in Europe and features many of the same components as the highest level CIK karts, but modified for novice and intermediate drivers. Our Tillotson 225RS four-stroke engine provides over 15 horsepower and is equipped with a PVL digital rpm limiter to 6,500 rpm to maintain long engine life and provide a wide rpm band for true racing power. Our specially designed crankcase offers a stronger structure and helps ensure consistent production quality and our single-mold cylinder head provides enhanced airflow and uncompromising consistency.

The entire package costs less than $4,000 excluding taxes, making it an ideal choice for individual racers, clubs, and federations who want an affordable, competitive, and fair weekend of racing. The T4 Series is underway in Ireland, the UK, Belgium, other parts of Europe and the US.  T4 Series drivers are also eligible to compete in the T4 World Cup scheduled to be held in Jesolo, Italy in the fall.



Tillotson Racing presents the Tillotson T4 Series—a new category of racing that provides cost-effective entry into the sport of karting. The T4 Series is designed to increase participation in kartingwith a user-friendly kart package that provides an easy to learn and competitive experience for both new and seasoned drivers. The T4 Series is the new base of karting!
The T4 Series runs a mono-brand Tillotson chassis developed to suit the Tillotson TPP-225RS engine and specifically-designed tyres. In order to control costs, only stock chassis and engine components can be used in the series, and there is a dedicated technical rule set for the chassis, engine and carburetor. All countries will run the same equipment and rules package. Each year, the top drivers around the world will come together to compete in the Tillotson T4 Series World Cup.


The T4-C1 chassis was designed specifically to suit the TPP-225RS engine with user friendliness in mind. The combination of the chassis and engine bring together optimum power and great handling to provide a fun and competitive race experience for both new drivers and seasoned karters. In order to maintain the low cost of the category, only stock parts such as the seat, axle and wheels are permitted for use on the T4-C1 chassis. User-related adjustments such as caster camber system, ride height and gearing configurations can be adjusted to suit driver preferences.



The TPP-225RS engine was developed by Tillotson with extensive field testing by national and international championship karters over the last three years. It features a completely new crankcase design which is heavily supported to allow a larger size piston compared to other common four stroke engines. The larger, 72mm diameter piston provides excellent torque in the lower rpm band and offers exceptional driveability, making it extremely user friendly for new drivers.

Some technical points:
     Capacity: 225cc 4 Stroke

     Power: 15HP
     Engine Weight: 17kg

• Overall weight 69kg to reduce fuel consumption and provide a more nimble driving experience
• PVL Digital Ignition limited to 6,500rpm
• Tillotson FM Series carburetor calibrated for the TPP-225RS engine
• Engine is sealed so no tuning is permitted—only adjustment to the valve clearance is allowed
• Up to 30 hours engine life without maintenance
• Billet CNC machined connecting rod/flywheel for improved strength and reliability
• New design Tillotson crankcase with extra support for the higher power output


Engine oil

Tillotson partnered with XERAMIC® Kart Lubricants to develop an oil that offers longer engine life and optimum lubrication. The oil can detect contamination or additives by inspecting it with a UV lamp to eliminate cheating. The 4-stroke oil is made exclusively for Tillotson.

Tires (Tyres)

Tillotson has developed a tire specifically for the T4 Series in conjunction with Maxxis Tires designed to offer long life, sustained performance and suitable grip for a fun driving experience. The tire will be exclusive to the Tillotson T4 Distributor in your country.

Technical Controls

Our aim is to create a platform that allows driver skill to prevail over driver investment.
To achieve this goal, we have developed tight technical controls and fiches for all our materials. These parameters are implemented by trained scrutineers with proper tooling supplied by Tillotson to maintain the integrity of the T4 Series and allow all regions to run identical specifications.

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Special packages for clubs and tracks are available.
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