The T4-C1 chassis was designed specifically to suit the TPP-225RS engine with user friendliness in mind. Designed and built in Europe, the T4-C1features many of the same components as the highest level CIK karts, but modified to be easier to drive for novice and intermediate drivers. It features billet components, a Tillett seat, CIK grade bumpers and a high-impact sticker package. It is built on an automated assembly line to maintain tight tolerance and consistent performance from one kart to the next.

The combination of the chassis and engine bring together optimum power and great handling to provide a fun and competitive race experience for both new drivers and seasoned karters. In order to maintain the low cost of the category, only stock parts such as the seat, axle and wheels are permitted for use on the T4-C1 chassis in T4 competition. User-related adjustments such as caster camber system, ride height and gearing configurations can be adjusted to suit driver preferences.

The T4 Chassis Package includes the T4-C1 Chasis, a TPP-225RS engine and a full set of racing Maxxis racing tires, everything you need to begin racing.   Assembly required, or we’ll do it for you for  modest fee.





Our T4 Series products are available in Ireland and by special order to the other parts of the world. Contact us at of your local distributor for more information.

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