Have you ever experienced muscle fatigue while racing?

Kart racing can overload a driver’s forearms  — especialy your Barachioradialis muscles — creating tight and fatigued muscles. TIDL Sport, a daily recovery spray, provides rapid pain relief and helps promote healing and reduce inflammation so you’re ready for the next race .  Our own racing team has also found it to be extremely helpful before the race to reduce muscle fatigue by as much as 50%.  

And it’s not just for racers!  It works great for all athletes and anyone expeiriencing pain or soreness in their legs, arms, neck, back or nearly any body party (external use only!).  TIDL’s cooling effect provides instant releif  and its proprietary blend of plant extracts provides long lasting natural relief.   Try it on sore hips, backs and knees and be astounded at the results!

Try it now by clicking on the link below, or complete the form to get more information.   We have a limited supply available prior to its official launch in February.  

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