The HC-102A is the same design as the HW-22A however it is machined from billet aluminum and is extremely popular. This model has become the most popular model in the KF paddock with the majority of teams and drivers opting to race the HC-102A.

  • Butterfly Opening
  • Racing Class Venturi/Body Design
  • Racing Class Inlet Needle and Seat Design
  • Racing Class Acceleration Fuel Circuit Design


KF Engines vary by manufacturer, manufacture date and tuning. For optimum performance, you might need to try different settings. Below is a listed of recommended settings, starting with most recent/most popular first. For best results, start with the most recent and then adjust first the High then the Low needle each in 1 minute increments up to 3-5 minutes each (extreme conditions like hot or rainy weather may require a little more). If you are not satisfied, repeat the procedure with the next setting.

L= 2’00”

H= 1’30”

Repair Kit and Diaphragm Gasket for the carburetor:

Main: RK 2 HW and DG 2 HW

Optional: RK 1 HW and DG 1 HW

Weight1 kg
Venturi Diameter


Throttle Bore Diameter


Racing Class

Product Line


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