The HW-11A was homologated for the period 2010-2012 and was used to twice win the CIK-FIA European KF2 Title. This is the first model to be fitted with the Tillotson Enrichment Circuit offering excellent performance.


  • New Venturi/Body Design
  • Avenger Class Inlet Needle and Seat Design
  • Avenger Class Idle/Acceleration Nozzle Design
  • Avenger Class Acceleration Fuel Circuit Design

Carburettor Settings:

KF Engines vary by manufacturer, manufacture date and tuning. For optimum performance, you might need to try different settings. Below is a listed of recommended settings, starting with most recent/most popular first. For best results, start with the most recent and then adjust first the High then the Low needle each in 1 minute increments up to 3-5 minutes each (extreme conditions like hot or rainy weather may require a little more). If you are not satisfied, repeat the procedure with the next setting.

L= 1 Turn 0 minutes (1′ 0″); H=1 turn 5 minutes (1′ 05″)

L=1 Turn 15 minutes (1′ 15″); H=42 minutes (0’42”)

Opening Pressure = 0.65 bar
Closing Pressure = 0.55 bar

Repair Kit and Diaphragm Gasket for carburetor:

Main: RK 1 HW and DG 1 HW

Optional: RK 2 HW and DG 2 HW

Weight01 kg
Venturi Diameter


Throttle Bore Diameter


Racing Class

Product Line


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