The HW-12A was developed for the KF1 engine for the homologation period 2010-2012. It is now used on many other engine applications that have a use for a large 30mm venturi model.

Butterfly Opening
New Venturi/Body Design
New Inlet Needle and Seat Design
New Idle/Acceleration Nozzle Design
New Acceleration Fuel Circuit Design
New Acceleration Fuel Pump Design

Carburetor Settings:
L=47 minutes
H=1 Turn 3 minutes

Repair Kit and Diaphragm Gasket for carburetor:

Main: RK 1 HW and DG 1 HW

Optional: RK 2 HW and DG 2 HW

Weight1 kg
Venturi Diameter


Throttle Bore Diameter


Opening pressure

0.65 bar

Closing pressure

0.55 bar

Racing Class

Product Line


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