The HX-10A is a die cast version of our popular HM-2A billet carburetor for Rotax kart engines.  Hailed by Vroom! Magazine as the first “proper racing carburetor” for Rotax, the HM-2A posted more than 3/10ths of a second faster lap times vs stock carburetor in independent Vroom! testing.  Read the full article.  The HX-10A offers the same performance as the HM-2A but in a more affordable die cast version.  For a larger venturi and even more top end performance, try our HX-12A 30mm version.  All three carburetors offer the following benefits versus the stock Rotax carburetor:

  • Fully adjustable High and Low jet, on track or off-track
  • Butterfly Opening
  • Racing Class Venturi / Body Design
  • Racing Class Inlet Needle and Seat Design
  • Pulse Pump Connection

The HX-10A, HM-2A and HX-12A are suitable for open racing where rules permit use of any carburetor.  They are not permitted in Rotax World,  Rotax Max Challenge and other unmodified Rotax-sponsored racing.  Check your local rules for permissions.

Recommeded Initial Carburetor Settings:

Rotax MAX (Senior/Masters):
L: 1’00”
H: 1’20” – 1’25”

Rotax MAX (Junior):
L: 1’00”
H: 1’15” – 1’20”

Mini MAX:
L: 1’00”
H: 1’10” – 1’15”

Mini MAX:
L: 1’00”
H: 0’50” – 1’00”

L: 1’00”
H: 1’30” – 1’35”

 Adjust first the High then the Low needle each in 1-2 minute increments. Find the High setting you like, then adjust Low needle and re-adjust High then Low as desired.  We recommend QuickJet setting tool for accurate setting.  You should not need to adjust more than 10 minutes in normal conditions, but up to 20 minutes in extreme conditions like hot or rainy weather
Repair Kit and Diaphragm Gasket for the carburetor:
Main: RK2-HW and DG2-HW
Optional: RK1-HW and DG1-HW

Setup Guidelines:

  1. Mount the carburetor to engine
  2. Connect pulse line to carburettor from crankcase (no need for Mikuni pulse pump)
  3. Set the carburetor jets to desired setting, recommend to use the QuickJet tool for accurate setting.  See above recommended settings and adjustment technique.
  4. Draw the fuel to the carburetor
  5. Cover the air filter trumpets by hand and turn over engine until it fires / or remove air filter and cover choke the carburetor inlet by hand and start engine
  6. Go Racing!!


Weight1 kg
Venturi Diameter


Throttle Bore Diameter


Racing Class

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