Tillotson Part Number: RK-50HD

Application: HD Carburettors for Harley Davidson Motorcycles


1 x Metering Diaphragm

1 x Metering Gasket

1 x Throttle Flange Gasket

1 x Acceleration Pump

1 x Inlet Seat

1 x Inlet Seat Gasket

1 x Inlet Lever

1 x Inlet Needle

1 x Inlet Tension Spring

1 x Fulcrum Pin

2 x Mixture Screw O-Ring Seals

2 x Mixture Screw Washers

1 x Mixture Screw Bushing Gasket (if required)


Special thanks to Dave Carleton and Gerald Raino for their assistance in re-issuing this kit.

  • Tillotson HD Harley-Davidson Carburetor
Weight.1 kg


Due to the huge demand, we have sold out of our initial supply of TIDL. But don’t worry, our next shipment is due April 25th. You can place your order now and it will ship shortly after that.