Introducing the new PrecisionJet™ remote jet controller by Tillotson Racing.  The PrecisionJet™ controller allows you to remotely adjust the high or low needle setting on your carburetor in precision one-minute increments with the touch of a button.  PrecisionJet is ideal for helping you find the right setting for track/weather conditions during all practice sessions and for mid-race operation in open class races.

The PrecisionJet servo quickly mounts to the carburetor by simply replacing the plastic fuel cap with the servo mount body and connecting the control arm to the high or low needle.  The remote button controller mounts on the steering wheel or on just about any remote surface for dyno or off-kart testing.  The red button opens (richens) the needle and the green button closes (leans) the needle in one-minute increments.    Pressing both buttons for 2 seconds resets the needle to the original setting at connection.  The battery packed can be placed in any convenient location and allows for up to 20 hours of operation between charges with normal use.  The battery pack charges with the included cigarette-lighter charger or with an optional wall plug.