Our new T4 Racing Oil is a high performance fully synthetic ester based racing oil, specially designed for Tillotson Racing 4 Stroke Engines. It offers exceptional performance under even the most severe racing conditions while maintaining optimal lubrication due to specially selected additives. It is the latest and best lubrication technology to ensure the following properties:

• Good thermal and oxidation stability
• Low temperature operation
• Excellent protection against wear, foam and corrosion
• Exclusive DYE technology to detect additives not permitted for competition

The most unique aspect of T4 Racing Oil is the exclusive Xeramic DYE technology, which reacts when external additives or alternative oils are used in the engine. The DYE technology glows under UV light when presence of additives or alternate oils are present. The oil no longer glows when the additive or alternative oil is no longer present, helping to ensure fairer competition for all competitors.

T4 Engine Oil Flyer



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