TIDL Sport Spray – Bundle Deal

3 bottles for the price of 2

TIDL Plant Powered Cryotherapy spray is formulated to help reduce muscle fatigue during workout and speed recovery post-workout.  Developed with Mixed Martial Arts superstar Conor McGregor, TIDL works through a combination of cryo-therapy and novel plant science. TIDL Sport Spray’s unique delivery technology provides instant cooling relief and long-term recovery through 360 degree spray technology that reaches the entire body.

We’ve been testing the product on track and in labs with fantastic results.  Our internal tests are showing up to 50% reduction in muscle fatigue and strain. For racing, we recommend applying a small amount to your arms, legs and neck both before your first race and at the end of the day for maximum benefit (do not exceed 4 applications in a day).  Try it on sore hips, legs, backs and necks for instant relief and comfort.



Cryo-effect formula delivers a cool blast of relief on contact that absorbs into the muscle to quickly aid in full recovery.



Use before a race or exercise to help reduce muscle fatigue.


Natural & Organic Relief

A powerful blend of plant based ingredients that addresses inflammation directly at the source, reviving the muscles and joints.


Clean & Cool

Enhanced touch-free formula goes on cool and self-absorbs. No rub with no sticky residue.


Targeted Treatment

360° spray technology for effortless full-body application at any angle.

Usual price €20 per item including VAT

Weight.09 kg


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