Our TPP-212E is a high performance, EPA certified general purpose engine ideal as a replacement engine for outdoor power equipment such as tillers, cultivators, log splitters and the like. It can also be used on karting and other racing applications subject to applicable laws, local classes and regulations. The TPP-212E features a hemi head and high performance flywheel (up to 10,000 rpm for 10 seconds and 8,000 rpm for 30 seconds), and it can be upgraded at your local dealer with our PK-1B or PK-1C carburetor or the TF-8A TillotsonTCT fuel system for unparalleled acceleration from idle through wide open throttle in sanctioned racing classes that allow 212cc engines.

Features Include:

  • Hemi Head
  • Cast Iron Cylinder
  • Diecast flywheel
  • Easy Pull Start
  • Enhanced valve springs
  • EPA Certified in standard configuration
  • Upgradeable with PK-1B, PK-1C or TillotsonTCT technology for open class racing
  • 1 Year Warranty for non-racing applications

Also available with an electric start as our TPP-212EEFor the European version (pull start only), please see our TPP-212CE.

Weight17.27 kg
Dimensions12.75 × 17 × 14.5 cm
Torque Settings

Connecting Rod: 13N.m
Engine side cover bolts: 30N.m
Head Bolts: 30N.m
Flywheel Nut: 75N.m