This is our all-new 196cc vertical lawn mower engine.  Makes a great replacement for your old, worn out engine.  Now Available in the US at a special Introductory Price!

It has a 22.5mm shaft but comes with an adapter for 25mm applications.  Includes our patented TillotsonTCT technology for a more stable power curve, lower emissions and better tone.

What makes our engines better?  Two things:  A better, fully integrated fuel system and higher quality manufacturing.  Most mower engine manufacturers will tell you torque is critical to the performance of an engine, and that’s 100% correct, but what is really critical is what happens to torque as you put the engine under load.  In most cases, you get a drop in rpm, as much as 25%. That’s the bogging down sound you hear as you go through heavy grass.  Our TillotsonTCT fuel system virtually eliminates engine bog so you can maintain torque under even the heaviest load.

Skeptical?  Watch (and listen) to these videos of our 140cc engine cutting through the tallest grass you will likely encounter:


Download the Brochure.

Weight16 kg