Our new HB series carburetors brings our Championship-winning HW technology to larger displacement racing engines at more affordable price. The HB Series are die cast carburetors  developed and calibrated to provide optimum fuel flow and performance for large high performance engines in the range of 125-250cc two stroke engines  (40 hp up to 80 hp).  

HB-10A for IAME X30 Super

HB-10A (22)b

Our new HB-10A is the premier carburetor for the IAME X30 Super 175cc engine. The X30 Super merges all the successful characteristics of its X30 reedster engine into a 175cc engine that provides a massive torque/power output, without the adoption of an exhaust power valve.  The engine features electric starter, centrifugal dry clutch, counter balance shaft, water cooling circuit operating in both cylinder and crankcase, external water pump, reed block with carbon reed petals, CNC inlet manifold, simple electric plant with “Start/Stop” buttons, combined electronic box/ignition coil, specific exhaust muffler and the HB-10A carburetor engineered specifically for the engine.X30-Super-IAME

With a maximum torque value of 26 Nm and 43 horse power, the X30 Super promises to satisfy the most demanding and challenging drivers around the world.  The X30 Super offers the power and driving experience of professional high-end karting engines with simplicity of use and long service intervals.  The X30 Super engine will be featured with limited entries at the X30 Challenge Europa, the X30 Euro Series, the IAME European Open and the IAME International Final.

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The HB-12A offers the same specs as the HB-10 for non-X30 Super racing.

Custom Orders

We can bore the venturi of the HB carburetor out up to approximately 38mm.  Contact us  at sales@tillotson.ie for special orders at a price similar to the HB-12A.  Note that in requesting a size for an HB, we generally recommend sizing down the venturi 2-6mm from a standard float carburetor you might otherwise use.  The high-velocity air flow of the HB’s generally allows the smaller venturi to provide the same top-end performance with substantially better bottom end and acceleration.

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