Tillotson HL carburetors were originally developed for chainsaws and other large handheld engines.  Over the years, their reliability and easy-to-tune features made them a favorite for specialty high performance applications like UAVs and karting.  Key features of the HL line include:

  • All-position operation
  • Optimum Air Flow
  • Large Pump Capacity
  • Large assortment of needle options
  • Speed governor valve
  • Double pump option
  • Internal/external pulse options
  • Independent/dependent system options
  • Replaceable nickelplated inlet seat
  • Racing venturi profile option

Karting Applications:

  • Iame Leopard
  • Cadet classes (Comer 80, Iame Mini-Swift, PRD and others)
  • Vintage karts
  • Dirt Oval

Lawn and Garden Applications:

  • Chainsaws (professional)
  • Cut-off saws
  • Fire pumps
  • Generators

Other Applications:

  • Marine applications
  • Golf carts
  • Unmanned aircraft

HL Size Chart

Service Document

Feature Options

  • Speed governor valve
  • Double pump module
  • Internal/external pulse
  • Independent/dependent system
  • Replaceable nickel-plated inlet seat
  • Racing Venturi profile

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