Logan Sargean - Ricky Flynn Victory La Conca 2016-4-4Our modern HC carburetors are CNC machined, billet aluminum carburetors for CIK-FIA, WSK and other international-class racing.  The newest model is the HC-112A for OK class racing.  It’s the most popular carburetor in the OK class, and has helped fuel drivers to podium finished, including Logan Sargeant in his dominant performance at La Conca.

Our earlier models, including the HC-102A and HC-103A, are still used is some national-level KF racing categories and may also be used in OK racing.

HC carburetors will also fit Leopard engines and can be adapted for other engines to provide enhanced performance for open-class racing. When replacing an HL or standard non-Tillotson carburetor with an HC carburetor, we suggest using an HC carburetor with a venturi size 2-6 mm smaller than the stock carburetor.  That’s because the HC carburetors generally provide the same or better top end performance compared to  the standard carburetor with smaller venturi, so you enhance bottom end performance and acceleration while maintaining equal or better top end with the smaller size.

HC carburetors can be custom-anodized to your favorite racing color.  Contact us at for more information on custom anodization.

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