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We have created three carburetors for better Rotax open class racing.  The Tillotson® carburetors for Rotax engines offer easier set up and tuning than the standard carburetor and provide both novice and seasoned drivers with faster lap times and more reliable operation. All three carburetors can be tuned and adjusted on the engine, off the engine, and even while driving, giving you complete flexibility throughout the racing weekend and changing weather conditions.

Our original carburetor for Rotax engines, the HM-2A is a CNC machined billet carburetor with a 27mm venturi.  That may sound smaller than the standard carburetor, but the specially designed air horn and internal operation provide more bottom end and equal or better top end for overall improved lap times.  The HM-2A was independently tested by Vroom magazine and heralded as the first “proper racing carburetor” for Rotax engines. The HX-10A is a die cast version which offers all the same performance in a more affordable package.  In 2014, we released the HX-12A with a 30mm venturi for drivers looking for maximum top-end performance.

Our carburetors for are ideal for open class racing and clubs looking to simplify and upgrade their Rotax classes.  They also allow arrive-and-drive event operators to tune every engine for exactly the same performance, ensuring a fair contest for all drivers.  They are not permitted in Rotax World,  Rotax Max Challenge and other unmodified Rotax-sponsored racing.  Check your local rules for permissions.

HM-2A:  Original CNC billet version|
HX-10A:  Same as HM-2A but in die cast
HX-12A:  30mm venturi for maximum top end (die cast)

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