Tillotson in conjunction with Maxxis Racing announce a New Maxxis T4 Tyre

by Tillotson User
Tillotson is excited to offer a new Maxxis T4 tyre for T4 Junior and T4 Senior categories. Following on from a successful period of development testing between Tillotson and Schuurman BV, it can now be confirmed that this new tyre will be launched at T4 Nations Cup 2024, in Spain. The new Maxxis T4 tyre will be exclusively available to T4 Series Global Dealers from late 2024.

Statement from Tillotson 

Tillotson consistently strives to deliver an unparalleled 4-stroke karting experience to T4 Series drivers. Notably, the T4 Junior and T4 Senior categories underwent enhancements last year, receiving upgraded engines that significantly boosted power and overall performance. In a collaborative effort with our partners, a decision was made to introduce a new Maxxis T4 Tyre tailored to complement the enhanced engine capabilities. This fresh addition promises an improved driving experience for both novice and seasoned drivers, offering optimal balance and traction across varying track temperatures. We extend our gratitude to our partners at Schuurman BV for their invaluable support throughout the development process and to our esteemed T4 Series sponsors at Maxxis Racing for consistently delivering exceptional products.

Statement from Schuurman BV

The new tyre increases the accessibility of the T4 series as an entry-level class while offering significantly more grip to match the performance improvements made by Tillotson last year. After intensive testing, we have developed a unique Maxxis kart tyre specifically for the Tillotson T4 series, which offers optimal grip at low temperatures without losing performance at higher operating temperatures.

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