Tillotson partner with Douglas Wheel Technology (DWT)

by Tillotson User

Tillotson is very excited to be partnering with yet another giant in the manufacturing industry. DWT, a company steeped in history with a love of motorsport was the perfect choice to continue the growth of T4 Series and expansion of the product line.

Douglas Wheel Technologies (DWT) stands out among kart wheel manufactures due to its long history and success. The company’s involvement in racing has resulted in the implementation of rigorous R&D and testing regulations for all their products.

For the past year Tillotson has worked closely with Schuurman BV, global distributor for DWT, to develop an exclusive OEM bespoke wheel for Tillotson T4 Series. The new magnesium wheel will be 30% lighter than current T4 aluminum wheels, offering an improved driving experience.

T4 magnesium wheels by DWT will be launched for Junior & Senior categories at T4 Nations Cup 2024 in Valencia, Spain. These wheels will also be included as standard with new T4 Kart packages from late 2024.

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