3 Victories in Succession for Tillotson HC-102A

by Charles Demirjian
The 2014 season has been very exciting so far! The early part of the season has been very busy with major races every 2 weeks. Since Lorandi’s victory at the Margutti Trophy Tillotson haven’t looked back, with 3 Victories in a succession for Tillotson Racing.
1st Callum Ilott (Zanardi Strakka Racing, Iame) WSK Master Series La Conca
1st Callum Ilott (Zanardi Strakka Racing, Iame) European Championship Round 1 La Conca
1st Tom Joyner (Zanardi Strakka Racing, Iame) European Championship Round 2 Zuera
The consistency of the results have established the HC102A from Tillotson as the choice carburetor for drivers in 2014. This was reinforced at the 3rd round of the CIK/FIA European Championship at Genk last week where 5 Tillotson mounted drivers finished in the top 6!!!!!
2nd Callum Ilott (Zanardi Strakka Racing, Iame)
3rd Tom Joyner (Zanardi Strakka Racing, Iame)
4th Allessio Lorandi (BabyRace, TonyKart, Iame)
5th Martijn Van Leuven (Keizer Racing, Zanardi, Iame)
6th Julien Darras (ARTGP, TM)
The performance of the HC102A carburetor from Tillotson has been outstanding during the races so far in the 2014 season and we are excited for the upcoming CIK/FIA European Championship finale in PFI in August where the 2014 European Champion will be crowned. Tillotson wish all of their customers the best of luck in their upcoming races!!

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